Tag Emphasizing

In the left panel you can manipulate with tags and their rates. In the right panel you can set the CSS range. I2UI set "From" CSS properties to the tag that has the smallest rate, the "To" CSS properties are set to tag with the biggest rate. The tags that has rate beetween above edges receive CSS values that are in direct ratio to rate.

Number Emphasizing

Left panel represents numbers manipulator. Right panel represents the CSS range on the top and numbers options on the bottom.

Number is splited into groups and fractional part. The default value for group size is equal 3. The default value for decimal digits is equal auto. The rate is set automatically to each split incrementing the value by one from right to left. For instance, the fractional(if it's existed) part gets rate=1, the first group on right gets rate=2, and so on.

If you want to set custom rates to number's splits, use rates option(type comma-separated numbers in this demo). For reversing rates use reverse option. prefix and suffix are affixes that add string to the begin or to the end of number. groupSize option sets number's group's digit count. decimalDigits option sets the count of digits in fraction part.

String Emphasizing

Left panel represents strings manipulator.Right panel represents CSS range in the top and string options in the bottom.

By default, a string is separated with space char(' ') into splits and each split are get rate automatically. The rate starts with one and is incremented by one from left to right split. For customizing splits rates use rates option(type comma-separated numbers). For reversing rates use reverse option. If you want to split string with other separators, just add them to separator option(type comma-separated quoted strings).

Set Emphasizing

Left panel represents strings options on the top and strings manipulator in the bottom. Right panel represents CSS range.

Here, the combination of emphasizers are used. There is a block which consists from next sets: container, girl's name, vote number, and button "Vote". Each set has different emphasizer. You can tune emphasizers in the right panel.